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Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill Review

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill Review

CrossWalk Upper Body Arms, 16 x 50 inches Tread Belt 2 Position Adjustable Incline, Comfort Cell Cushioning, SpaceSaver Design, LCD Window 10 MPH Digital Speed Control, 4 Preset Workout Apps, Thumb Pulse Heart Rate Monitor 250 Lb; Weight Capacity; Recommended Use-Residential. This treadmill is protected with a 90 Day Parts & Labor Warranty PLEASE NOTE: WESLO IS THE ONLY MANUFACTURER AND AMAZON IS THE ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER FOR THIS PRODUCT ON THIS MARKETPLACE; WE DO NOT GUARANTEE QUALITY, AUTHENTICITY OR SIZE IF PURCHASED FROM OTHER SELLERS

3 thoughts on “Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill Review

GYKrk says:

Of course by “activation” they mean you have to subscribe to some app service for 15$ a month and enter your CREDIT CARD info.Thats crazy.Let me begin by saying that we were originally going to order the Weslo Cadence series treadmill but the reviews deterred me .To activate it was a bit confusing as I didn’t want to join a membership, and that’s what it felt like at first.Why is this needed for a treadmill? I find this highly offensive, misleading.This thing doss it’s job.Some reviews are bad, and when the box showed up on my driveway completely disheveled, I figured it was damaged, but it wasn’t! I am a 35 y/o female and I put it together myself in an hour.My only complaint and the reason I gave four stars instead of five, is that if you don’t know about holding the blue iFit button down for several seconds in order to get the treadmill started initially, I would have had to call the company to register during which time they apparently try to get you to subscribe to a monthly subscription that costs $15 per month.I am 6’4” and about 210 pounds.So what’s that now? I am stuck with a huge piece of junk sitting in my house with no help! So stay away from Weslo products! Garbage, Junk, Trash… No word can describe enough! I love this Treadmill.It did take two of us to put it together, mostly him .I have tried everything.I’m not sure how often the readings are accurate however.I will tell why Four Stars only for this good work machine.I like it a lot for the price but there are a few issues.In particular, screws attaching handles to the console from beneath were left jutting out because no amount of wiggling or readjusting the frame could find a better hole alignment for them and I’m reluctant to drive the screws through plastic in case a larger issue rears its head and forces me to return the treadmill.I’m not a hardcore runner, so I didn’t want to spend too much money on something that might end up as a big clothes hanger.I’ve never been to Weslo’s website.It was not too hard to put together.

lYcOt says:

Apparently, heavy, large items are a huge risk to ship with UPS! You definitely need 2 people to assemble this.But I have always been handy with tools so that helped.UPDATE: FedX shipping is AWFUL! This arrived with the box nearly destroyed! One arm was damaged, but Amazon applied a substantial credit to compensate, so we accepted due to the fact after assembly it worked fine.The one thing that is most bothersome is the distance between the pad you walk on and the front frame point.It took me several tries, but eventually holding down the iFit button started it right up without having to do anything online or in an app. Its okay but I had to return this item.Got it setup and it seems stuck on a hello screen.I burn calories, and work up such a sweat just as I do in the gym.I received it a day earlier than expected.When you look at all the parts it’s kind of overwhelming, but in 2 hours I got it working.I would suggest, anybody seriously wanting a treadmill, get one with automatic incline and all the things they have at the gym.I love the interval setting.I actually love this treadmill which I purposely placed right in the middle of my living room and dining room so I HAVE to use it.Definitely a two-person job, unless you are made of elastic and can reach and hold from several angles at once.This should have been captured before sending and the integrity is likely compromised.One side of the treadmill was slanted and when I tried to get it in place, it wasn’t tight enough.It was easy to put together, but you will need some help for a couple steps.Great value for the money.The put together process was fairly easy.

jYfChh says:

No matter what I do to adjust it, it won’t move.I am not a runner just a walker to burn some calories and keep fit.I opened the box and tried to assemble that and followed instructions.This treadmill will truly be put to the test on days when no one wants to walk/run outside when the weather is too hot, too cold, too rainy, too snowy, etc. Adequate for the price.Beep sounds okay.It’s had pink glitter and unicorn stickers.Cant walk in the snow an rain . This is an excellent treadmill for the price. Easy to assemble and easy to use. The width of the treadmill feels too small for a tall guy like myself . I setup the treadmill yesterday.I don’t feel I am missing any bit with this machine.

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