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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill with Auto Incline Sound System Bluetooth and Phone Function Review

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill with Auto Incline Sound System Bluetooth and Phone Function Reviews

Quick button auto incline – 12 levels of incline: 0% to 12% incline Speed range: 1 – 8 miles per hour. Running space 49. 5″L x 16. 5″W Integrated body mass index calculator – Reference only. Product Dimensions-64.5L X 28W X 50.5H IN inches. Max User Weight- 250 pounds Pulse grip heart RATE monitoring. 3 countdown modes-Time Speed and Calories.Folded Dimensions: 40.25L x 28W x 54.75H inches Bluetooth wireless connectivity, phone and music function with MP3 cord

3 thoughts on “Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill with Auto Incline Sound System Bluetooth and Phone Function Review

rODEb says:

It basically already came put together, you just need to put some screws in to hold it up.this is garbage in a box.Now eight months later the unit just stopped working.Bluetooth is nice.I have been using this machine for 30-45 minutes about 4 times a week, and I have followed the instructions it came with to the letter of the law.I thought I might have to use it just for walking, not for running, but I was wrong.I researched for weeks trying to make a decision and finally decided on this treadmill.COME TO FIND OUT IT WAS ASSEMBLED INCORRECTLY .I do recommend you buy a pad.The phone is easy to pair with the bluetooth, not that I cared much about that, but it’s a neat extra.I didn’t want to spend $1000 + but didn’t want a cheap little thing that felt like it would fall apart when I ran on it.Once we got it in the desired location, it was assembled in about 30 minutes.The mixed bag is that while the Sunny Customer Service is responsive and decent .I have been using it every other day for a month and it works very well as I was looking for one with auto-incline.Almost 150 lbs I feel sorry for the shipping carrier, I don’t know how they got it on my porch but the box was still in fairly good condition.Boat anchor anyone? I believe this was a good value.Fast delivery.It does not work.I believe this was the best one in my $500 or less budget and it has been great so far.

ZQldB says:

Working with product support has not been easy.The only time I needed another person was to lift it out of the bottom part of the shipping box.With only a 90 day warranty you are sol.I can’t blame any antics from the delivery guys.I had mine for a little under six, and it just stopped working.At this price one pf the very few machine which has auto incline, that too 3% to 12%.Assembled by myself but two would have been easier for sure.I am very happy with this item.DO NOT ORDER THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!!! I ordered it once, got it out of the box, and pieces were broken off on the left side on the piece you step next to the belt.My dad took a look at it and said he believes it was bad bearings in the motor.It was easy to set up.Poor service from Sunny Health!Too bad Because the treadmill works good- it just looks ugly Sunny! Easy set-up less than 30 minutes.Originally I had purchased a treadmill that was about $100 cheaper and the darn thing broke a couple weeks after I got it.Delivered without bolts to assemble and don’t see anywhere can report problems??? The only problem I have with it is that the pulse monitor is inconsistent.The treadmill is quite heavy out of the box , but took only 30 minutes to set up once we got it upstairs.I assembled the part and as soon I turn off the machine the digital part has white spot everywhere that doesn’t allowed to read anything.When it was delivered, it came with chipped pieces but I figured it was good enough to use.So far it is great! If you’re looking for a functional treadmill to hop onto for a run or walk and don’t need all of the bells and whistles, this is it.

OHKCxd says:

It’s work at home during corona virus, I get it but given today’s technology they can’t route the calls to someone at home to answer them?! Email sent to support got a reply many days later, and it was for me to check to make sure all wires are connected properly.Gets the job done.Belt is a bit narrow but not so much that it’s a problem.I am not a big person so I didn’t think the treadmill being narrow would be an issue.Let me not forget the Bluetooth and aux cord capabilities as well! I read that this one doesn’t compare to gym models, but the compact and slim design are perfect for the home environment! I actually love the slender look of the belt.I did not want to spend an arm and a leg, but I did want a treadmill that had a good amount of incline, but I wanted incline that I could change on the fly without getting off and having to make adjustments manually like a lot of decent treadmills have.You can’t beat the price 400.It does everything I wanted.It was very easy to assemble but them I saw the plastic rail next to the tread had a hole in it and the piece of plastic fell inside the rail.The quick speed and incline selects are convenient and more so the controls on the arms.The belt constantly slides to the left and there is the most annoying tick sound every other step i take.Now it works.It operates smoothly and is quality made.I’ve maybe used it 15 times.its got great features for the price.I would recommend it to anyone.Extremely easy to assemble in just minutes .entry-content –><!– .Don’t buy this, I have this for a month only used it for 2 times never been adjusted and wheel move to one side and shredding.

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