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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill Gray Reviews

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill Gray Reviews and Specs

EXCELLENT CARDIO BENEFITS: This treadmill will help kick start your fitness journey, by helping users increase blood circulation, increase bone density, strengthen muscles, improve balance, improve mood, and increase coordination. COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC: This compact, lightweight treadmill is excellent for small spaces. With and running surface of 42in x 13in, this treadmill is durable and can withstand power walking or light jogging. LCD MONITOR: Create goal specific workouts with the LCD monitor that allows the user to track time, speed, calories burned, and steps. With an available “scan” option, you can scan through your performance data without lifting a finger! NON-ELECTRIC: The treadmills non-electric function is perfect for power saving without sacrificing performance. This also allows for flexible placement throughout your living space without the need of an electrical outlet. NON-SLIP RUNNING SURFACE: Feel safe and secure on the sturdy non-slip running surface which supports a max weight of 220lbs.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill Gray Reviews

ZjmlD says:

I bought this machine thinking I would use it on rainy days and those mornings I just didn’t want to deal with armadillos, wild cats, and possums startling me as they run in and out of the woods near my home.Very quiet too, doesn’t freak out the cats.The tread track is already attached so you don’t have to worry about that.Sunnie Worse purchase I ever made on Amazon! I was excited about it initially, because it appeared to be the solution to buying a used treadmill on Facebook marketplace for my budget.Let me say I love this treadmill.I suspect that a few of the negative reviews were from people who did not fully read the instructions.It takes good balance and some practice to keep the pace even because it’s totally manual.I was worried that it would take a lot of force to move the belt, since it’s a manual, but it doesn’t.I found that trying to maintain a walking speed near impossible without having to basically strap myself to the bars.i wanted to walk and talk on the phone and sometimes chat, but you must put your hands on the bars, otherwise you will jump out from this thing.My grandkids love to get on it and see how fast they can get it to go.I jog consistently but thought that even if I could use this to walk since I work at home, it would be worth the price.All parts were included and instructions were simple to follow.It goes only when you make it go.Assembly simple in concept, but a bit difficult in execution All parts fit together well.Every piece is clearly labeled, and you are provided with all of the tools that you will need.As you see from the picture, it fits into a tiny 2 foot wide space, about 4 feet long.Belt doesn’t line up exactly from front to back no matter how I adjust but it works fine regardless.

OYGFL says:

Feel good about the price for what I got.The speed goes according to the speed of your walk.It is a much heavier and sturdier item than I expected for the price.Easy to assemble, no parts left over, Ha.He is afraid he will fall off of is electronic treadmill, so this was the perfect solution.Many people would buy a mat to protect the floor, but I used a panel of the cardboard box it came in. At first it seemed okay but after a couple of uses the sheet keeps moving to one side iam trying to return it but I don’t even see the option for returning so disappointed 😞 I was getting so excited about using it.I will suggest to really lubricate every part before using it.This treadmill is perfect.the climbing angle is a hair to high,but lifting the back does it.Not too noisy, lightweight, and size is great for keeping in TV room.Hay que tomar en cuenta que la cinta esta elevada por adelante y eso para permitir que la cinta gira al caminar, eso dificulta un poco el empezar, pues parece que estas siempre subiendo una cuesta… Pero al seguir el ejercicio te acostumbras.Makes me wonder why years ago I paid a grand for a fancy motorized one.This treadmill is very quiet.Got it yesterday, assembled it by myself, and was up and using it in no time.He LOVES it and so do I.The incline is way to steep to keep a slow walking pace.

yTdhOt says:

The treadmill is always inclined at 30 degrees and you go as fast as gravity will take you.You want to have healthier way to begin a better lifestyle with not much time in your day.i had to go n find a shorter version since it wouldnt go all the way through the hole anymore.This item is definitely everything the advertisement implied.The item came in a box that was so flimsy and almost ruined.I really love it.Took about an hour for me and hubby to set this supposed to be a joke? can’t even use it.Also its not motorized so the motion is herky jerky.It does cause for a more intense workout in the beginning until you learn your pacing. For the price, this is a great little treadmill.I wanted to walk but this is too fast.The treadmill was easy to assembly and doesn’t take up a lot of space and is –> <use xlink:href="https://2azap.I love it but he did not like it.Is you are a lazy person this is not the right machine for you.

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