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SOLE S77 Non-Folding Treadmill with Built in Bluetooth Speakers Review

SOLE S77 Non-Folding Treadmill with Built in Bluetooth Speakers Review

Features. Bluetooth Speaker Compatible. Includes Integrated Tablet Holder. USB Port. Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible. Programs: 10. Cooling Fan Included. 10.1 TFT LCD display. Speed Range: .5-12mph. Incline Range: 15 Levels. Belt: 2 Ply. Made in Taiwan. Model number: S77.

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eKfNI says:

As soon as the freight company delivery guys got out of the truck, one of them said, "You can refuse delivery if you want…the box is very damaged.I was doing rehab with it.We have had it for a year and a half and it has had a broken belt since we have had it.I have met the challenge, and I am winning.At first, I was highly disappointed with the treadmill and gave it a 1-star.The deck is quiet, has a good amount of cushion, and the electronics features do everything I need them to do.It is a very sturdy design and we are really happy with the treadmill and the well designed display.The motor is strong enough.A prior reviewer mentioned a problem with the lower drink holder, but this unit has two drink/stuff holders up on the console and then additional space below the console for other items.It’s solid and well made.It has been great and used multiple times a week.Other than general maintenance, no issues whatsoever.But what is also great is the customer service.So far, we are happy with this treadmill.It is built like a tank! I was worried about ordering it from Amazon because I read some reviews of various problems with shipping, but I had a great experience.0HP motor should be a big benefit over previous model and other treadmills for this price.Held up fine.They originally were going to send a tech out but we replaced it ourselves.

uiKkS says:

I jog/run intervals, about 7-10 miles a week and my cousin runs about 12 a week and it works great.Free Delivery.So far, it has been perfect.But what I am really here today to report is:…I called Sole today because I had literally worn out the grip on the belt and needed a new one.bigger motor than older model,which means faster changes in speed than before. Refused delivery, found a Nordic Track for a little more with attached TV, larger motor and fold up.It was exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price.

RWRzRK says:

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