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Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill Review

Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill Reviews

⭐ QUALITY & RELIABILITY ⭐ Get your steps in no matter what! Quality, reliability, eye-catching design and a proven-track record: the Rebel Treadmill 1000 has it all. This treadmill base fits under a standing-height desk and lets you walk at a leisurely pace while you work. You can be more productive, tone your muscles, burn more calories, and feel less tired. Imagine logging several miles and thousands of steps everyday! ✔️ SIMPLE SETUP – The treadmill base ships for free and arrives fully assembled. At just 88lbs, this lightweight treadmill makes for easy setup. Simply remove it from the box and use the front wheels to roll it into place under a standing-height desk or tall counter. Place the treadmill console on the desktop, hit “Start” and you can start walking and working! 👍 WORRY-FREE WARRANTY – On the Rebel Treadmill, there is NO maximum hours of usage per day so you can walk as long as you want without worrying about voiding the warranty (2 years for any parts and labor and 20 years for the frame). Rebel Desk prides itself on prompt and attentive customer service for as long as you are walking and working on your Rebel Treadmill. 👞 QUIET & SAFE WALKING – The treadmill base has a high-quality, ultra quiet motor that lets you walk and work without disturbing others. The Rebel Treadmill’s speed range of 0.5 to 2.0 mph allows for a comfortable walking speed that lets you get work done without working up a sweat. That’s because this treadmill base is specially designed to be an office treadmill. At 63 inches in length, you can walk safely and comfortably using your normal walking stride. 🛡️OUR PROMISE – Rebel Desk’s promise to you is a 100% moneyback guarantee up to 30 days after receipt of the treadmill. No hidden fees, no questions asked – making this a no-risk purchase for you.

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jClfZ says:

Read in for details:Option 1: go spend a lot of money on something like a NordicTrak desk.Well, that worked out for a little while until standing all day started hurting his feet.Also, the return is not free, so the product description is misleading.It died on me 4 days ago.I haven’t used this treadmill nearly as much but I can tell you it feels like a much higher-quality product in terms of solid construction, durability, and the way it comes up to speed at just the perfect rate.I finally did it, and I really do like it.I got this because I joined a walking challenge at work, and I just couldn’t get to anything over 5K without a commitment at the gym.I tried playing music but it creeks so loudly I can’t stand it.Quiet, easy to use.Maintainence: Lubricated the track with liquid silicone every 4 months.The desk cost plenty so I was especially trying to avoid a high price tag for the treadmill.It’s made in Taiwan, which I much prefer over China.I have an office in a biology lab with surrounding offices.It is annoying that every single time I start, I have to adjust my speed to the setting that I always use.The build is sturdy, the functionality is solid and the walking is easy.The only cons I find so far are :1.5I initially bought this to see if I would really be interested in walking while working.The desktop control vs a remote is convenient and easy to use.Received it in great condition and had it set up in about 20 minutes after unpacking.If I walk away from it to deal with something I have to look to see if it’s running when I get back.

ISGCE says:

The pros are that it is relatively quiet, slim and not too big, and has run fine for the 3 months I have been using it.0 which is still walking speed for me.I’m very happy with it , with one issue.My partner works from home at least half of the week.Wish it went just a teeny bit faster but I realize it is designed to be used at a tall work table/desk while keyboarding or phoning.I emailed Rebel Desk, and within minutes they contacted me to arrange a return.I shopped around and decided that this treadmill was the right fit.I wear my fitbit to make sure i stay active when working from home.But HAD to share this.This one is quieter than my old one, easy to unpack and set up, and is smaller so that it takes up slightly less space.I have been using similar walking treadmills, with slightly lower costs, but high ratings, as well as running treadmills with higher costs and high ratings, that have disappointed me, because after a year, they begin to make considerable noise, and their operation becomes significantly degraded.It’s changed the way I work.Without walking from car to office or around an office, I can get through a day with a couple thousand steps.The one thing I wish it did that it doesn’t is to show the cumulative distance not just the current distance walked.I use it at 1.Little to no disruption to work flow.I have an adjustable standing desk and I work long days, so this is a perfect alternative to sitting all day.It goes up to 2 miles per hour which is a tad slow, but I don’t really want to be running while I’m trying to work either so it doesn’t bother me.I walk on it 30 minutes twice a day at 1.It is ultra quiet – I’ve asked others if they can hear while on my calls and they can’t.

EuoquM says:

I look forward to heading to work knowing that this treadmill is waiting for me and that I’ll be on the move during days that are full of calls when I would otherwise have been sedentary.The base is light enough to pick up and the wheels at the front mean I can move it between rooms or store it away easily.I walk on it anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a day.I share an office with two others and have had no complaints from them on noise, it is easy to maneuver around my cubicle, and set up was a breeze.Unless you need help moving it into place…you DO NOT need expert assembly – unit comes “assembled” in the box.I’m very glad that I did.Worth every penny.Then, suddenly I could not walk on it without getting dizzy.Sturdy construction.In the meantime I am using “padded athletic shoes and socks.Due to shipping one small piece had cracked which covers the roller end of the desk.I’ve only had it a few days but I’ve put on 20 miles so far.I’m 6’ and have a long stride and the size is fine.I have been walking 3 plus hours a day at 1 mph and the treadmill has worked well so far .It gets boring after a while because you cannot power walk.My work is 100% phone calls and 99% of the time, the noise created (while regular walking.entry-content –><!– .I set it at 2mph and I’m still able to write code and work on my computer easily.

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