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ProForm 705 CST Reviews

ProForm 705 CST Reviews

IFit ready, 5 inch back lit display, 22 preset workout apps, EKG grip pulse, 2.75 chp drive System Motor 20 x 60 inches tread belt, 0 to12 MPH digital quick speed control, 0 to 12 percent digital quick incline control Proshox cushioning, SpaceSaver design, coolaire workout fan, integrated tablet holder Ipod compatible audio (dual 2 inches speakers), 1.9 inches precision machined & balanced non flex rollers, 325 pounds weight capacity The Pro Form 705 cast is protected with a lifetime frame & motor warranty, a 2 year parts warranty, and a 1 Year labor warranty

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ROXED says:

I only wish I’d bought one years ago.The chat help was worthless as they send you back to the fee requirement; and of course the number to call “for service at any time” was not being answered.There is a small piece at the front on the bottom that won’t stay in place, but it’s a cover piece only.I love pairing it with the app program offered as a free month trial.My first one lasted about 20 years and hopefully this one will last as long.I did not use the activation instructions for ifit on the screen sticker and instead just pushed the ifit button until the console screen came on and I am able to use the treadmill without any issues whatsoever and without any of the ifit activation or subscription.THE SO CALLED TECHNICIAN FROM AMAZON HOME SERVICE CAME TO ASSEMBLY THE NEW ONE, SAID IT WAS WORKING FINE, LEFT AND COME TO FIND OUT THE INCLINE IS NOT WORKING.I paid for assembly but the tech did not know this trick and left before powering up and testing the treadmill.The screen display is not the greatest.The others were correct – my husband and I put it together ourselves in a little over 2 hours .Ugh. Update: had to update this 5 star review after several incidences, not sure if this has happened to anyone else.My husband put it together and I activated.You are almost forced into entering your credit card number to even get it to work.It took about an hour to assemble and I didn’t need a second person.The machine does come with SOME free workouts preprogrammed, I haven’t figured out how to access them yet.Yup! I made those resolutions! Despite being told it would be used as a coat rack and will take up the space of a loveseat sofa, I went ahead and splurged as a gift to myself.I couldn’t be happier.They called to confirm the day before if I’d be home and even gave me a window.

kYnOt says:

It runs quietly and I especially like the wide belt for walking.We have never had trouble with our previous treadmills.Second, you must “activate” the treadmill online to use it, as in you have to give them more personal information to even use the thing. We have had it for a week and have not had one problem with it, great value for the money you pay for it Love my treadmill.If you wont gym quality make sure u get one with the springs this one has them.We couldn’t be happier! Arrived broken, walking belt won’t move, plastic pieces broken.I passed on the installation service, and I dont regret this decision.Manual doesn’t explain how to operate or features.Can’t see how to adjust the pulley tension.Will not work with I Pad.My wife asked for a treadmill for Christmas.It has a large platform for running and is very easy to use.We love this treadmill!! We’re not every day users so not sure how it would stand up to that, but it can take a 250 lb.Easy to read display.My husband and I both experience excruciating foot, knee and hip pain after using this treadmill.

ZooCer says:

The assembly guys were professional and fast.I enjoy the ifit feature.The hood was cracked when it was received but pro form replaced it without problem. Fantastic treadmill for the money! Solid, operates smoothly, feels durable and easy to fold up.This was a great investment. Great treadmill Easy to use, easy to put together.Has decent features but the fact that you need to subscribe to ifit just to get started seems like a cheap sales gimmick.Assembly was free too! 🙂<!– .I noticed that the belt is not centered bit not getting damaged by the belt guides.I ordered it right before Christmas and it was delivered and assembled in less than 2 weeks.Once you get pass all the iFit jargon it is a great unit.Quiet when in use, Overall no complaints.

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