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LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill Reviews

LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill Specs and Reviews

The tr4000i electric treadmill by LifeSpan has foldable and portable capability that turns this motorized running machine into a small compact size. Heavy duty and high capacity 3.25 HP motor with a large 20″ x 60″ walking belt surface, and 15 levels of adjustable incline. Quiet and lightweight manual fold for storable and space saving purposes in your office or home. Console tracks time, calories, distance, speed, and more 21 trainer programs targeting weight loss, healthy living, sports training and heart rate programs with bluetooth connectivity. Warranty includes lifetime on frame and motor; 5 years on equipment parts; 1 year on labor.

3 thoughts on “LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill Reviews

FmCXF says:

5 stars if I could.It feels a little close to the front guard for where I like to run but it’s no issue to just step a hair back.So far things have been good.At the gym I feel like I’m losing time and it’s easy to make excuses not to walk on a cold rainy day.Compared to the treadmills we have at work, this thing is pretty quiet.I will probably never use the interactive features of this treadmill, so I am not rating it on that.Prior to that we had generic Proform.So you will probably need help getting it to the room where you plan on keeping it.I think the shocks other reviewers are talking about are just normal static shocks from dry air and belt friction.i got the LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill.Has more features, monitors and controls than I could have dreamed of.Not a great first impression.There is a rattle when I run on it.I am able to program my own workout and track it online.We looked at every brand available locally and read hundreds of reviews on different treadmills on this site and others.00) it is so close to a gym quality treadmill that I can’t complain.I thought that 1700 bucks was too much for a treadmill, but I think it was worth it in the end.The belt slips a little when at an incline and changing the speed, however after reading reviews on many other products it is obvious that no treadmill is perfect.It was heavy, but my husband and a friend were able to carry it into the house.

SgZjL says:

I did a lot of research before settling on this treadmill. I love this treadmill!!! Very easy to put together and works great.When turned on, the screen gets crazy and the keys do not respond at all.One major issue as some other reviewers have said it does give you a little shock at times.Quiet.This treadmill mills feels just like a more expensive gym one.Use it every day for about five miles.Very solidly built.Controls are cheap and the speakers are just terrible.Before I get on with the bad, lets start with the good.It is still running very smoothly and haven’t had any problems with it.So far the treadmill has barely earned 2 stars in my book.I can read on my IPad or kindle while I walk.Nothing but headache.I did like the "True" brand, but there was that pesky extra $1000 that I just couldn’t justify.Sound, sturdy frame, great running platform, easy on the feet.We are very happy with our purchase.

OclfFR says:

Will update as required.So far, the treadmill has been working great. This treadmill came boxed and was extremely easy to assemble.Luckily, I bought it from a reputable retailer with a good service department.Lifespan’s website tells you to troubleshoot by turning on and off…go figure.Here are a few quick pros about the unit:1.Well, not even 3 months after purchase, with light use, I am having the same problems others have described.That is expected. Pertinent info up front…I’m an ultra-runner, so I run a lot.But, thought I’d post why I chose this one.We have changed shoes, users, clothes, etc.And they were mostly fine…got rattle-ey at times but usually the spray silicone would handle the problem. I owned a TR1200i and killed it.It will also give the machine more stability when your running on it.My Projected running usage – Probably 2-3 X a week – average maybe 2 hours / week of running total.The customer service is exceptional.Some other treadmills are wider like the F85, some are smaller but 20 inches seems to be the industry norm at this price.

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