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JEMPET Under Desk Walking TreadmillSmart Slim FitnessHome/Office Review

JEMPET Under Desk Walking TreadmillSmart Slim FitnessHome/Office Specs and Reviews

SIMPLE ASSEMBLE. This treadmill fits under a standing-height desk and arrives fully assembled. Simply remove it from the box and use the front wheels to roll it into place under a standing-height desk or tall counter. Place the treadmill remote control on the desktop, hit “Start” and you can start walking and working. DURABLE & RELIABLE BASE. The treadmill base has a high-quality, ultra quiet motor that lets you walk and work without disturbing others, sturdy base can withstand up to 220lbs user. Imagine logging several miles and tens of thousands of steps while walking at your desk, this would be a terrific process. WORKING. When it works ,there is the sound of working.But not disturbing your colleague or your family. You can walk in regular work clothes and comfortable shoes without working up a sweat. Plus, this treadmill is compact enough to fit in a cubicle. PROPER SPEED. Set your preferred speed, usually the speed range of 0.5 to 3.7mph allows for a comfortable walking speed that lets you get work done without working up a sweat. This treadmill makes it easy to ease into a walking-and-working routine. PORTABLE TO MOVE. Easily move the treadmill when you’re not using it. With wheels in the front of the treadmill, and its lightweight frame, you’re able to move it whenever you need to.

3 thoughts on “JEMPET Under Desk Walking TreadmillSmart Slim FitnessHome/Office Review

TJFCQ says:

The merchant was super-quick to respond and make things right.You just need to take it out of the box and plug it in.The design is amazing.It’s a sleek design & would have been perfect for under my desk.I contacted the company and they said I would have to replace the broken part myself and it would not be guaranteed to fix the problem, also was quite complicated, so I opted for return.5 for 30 mins.I wanted something low profile, portable, and a good price.It is dark in the spaces for steps time and calories.Great size, no setup, easy to store away.Yes, I did pull the little magnet protector before I tried to turn it on! SUPER DISAPPOINTED! I don’t know why when I walk on this treadmill it gets of track and start rubbing on the side of the plastic.I can read my email, pay my bills, and shop on my computer while walking instead of sitting.I am very pleased with this purchase.Fortunately, the company was super apologetic and with their excellent customer service skills, took the feedback kindly and offered to help me obtain a new one! They seemed to have updated the machines and I just received my new one, it is fantastic! I use it for travel purposes to help with my circulation and joint problems, and it is just what I need! I amgrateful to the company for taking responsibility of the situation, and turning it around to create a satisfied customer!! This item though small is very difficult.but it’s making some kind of noise can’t tighten the belt WAS very happy with this purchase until about a month ago when it started making really loud noises.I have high cholesterol so this is great to get the cardio in while I’m at work, I’m also feeling more productive at work since I started walking.It’s perfect and exactly what I was hoping for.

uwSQn says:

.It’s very loud and makes grinding noises that chews up the belt itself.I just received this treadmill, which I was really excited to receive it.This will help keep me moving while working! Too loud for use in an office environment.We only had it for a couple months and it has already broken. It arrived damaged with.I’m fully satisfied with it.I LOVE this thing! Very simple to use and light enough to slide forward and backward to swap with my desk chair.It is perfect for a small space or if you have a standing desk. It is a great way for me to get in some daily exercise while working without having to leave my desk.The treadmill is quiet and sturdy and I love that it counts my steps.I have been sick during the past 6 months and am now getting my energy level that I can walk while I work.

aekWDP says:

I LOVE this thing! Very simple to use and light enough to slide forward and backward to swap with my desk chair.It is very easy to set your pace with the remote control.

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