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Confidence Power Plus 600W Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill Running Machine Reviews

Confidence Power Plus 600W Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill Running Machine Review

FOLDING FRAME – Easily folds up and away for easy storage POWERFUL MOTOR – Provides drive for users up to 250lbs LCD DISPLAY – Easy to read display so you can keep your workout on track Full product size : 49″ x 24″ x 11″, Runway size : 39.5″ x 14″

3 thoughts on “Confidence Power Plus 600W Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill Running Machine Reviews

PGmBB says:

I easily converted it for use into a standing treadmill desk, price was great and it worked almost daily for more than three years.I understand that some people cannot afford a $1,000 treadmill but there is a reason that there are $1,000 and higher priced machines on the market that are regularly sold.We didn’t want a gigantic machine that would take up half of our guestroom.after only 4 hours…I got off the treadmill and left my office to get a drink of water and returned to notice a burning odor and the room full of smoke.As a 74 year old lady I took out the 3 year warranty for the affordable extra cost as it would be hard for me to package up and send out in the mail.1 miles/hr, the motor started smelling like burning rubber.It is light weight but feels very stable.-You may have noticed it’s cheap.I ordered just before new years.And our budget might stretch to cover a $600 up treadmill – but not when I wasn’t sure I’d keep using it.I read a bunch of other reviews and was able to easily modify this to use at my adjustable height desk and walk while working.If you are looking to walk or jog to stay fit in the winter months , this treadmill will be more than adequate for the price.When I saw this inexpensive and really compact option, I was hoping it would fit the bill – and it did! Not only that, but it was super easy to setup within 30 minutes once I received the shipment from Third Party Vendor, Golf Outlets of America .I was looking at much more expensive standing desks with treadmills built in, but I like this much better because of the smaller size.The equipment is solid and secure, but the instructions are poor–and out of date for the equipment, and the photos are black on black on grey with a white background.There is a little tool that was included with the treadmill I misplaced somewhere, but it is to do the occasional adjusting.I thought it would work out better because I thought I read a short review from an owner of a German Shepard.I try to walk daily with my wife Nancy, but we often are too busy so just don’t do it as often as we should.Running is not advised as this is not sturdy at all.It is just narrow enough to fit behind my desk chair in a normal size bedroom without making me feel claustrophobic.

nKsiG says:

If I had to do it again I would have spent an extra $75- $100 and bought I would enjoy using.The lumpy part is the front.I can work up a nice sweat walking at 2.(I think someone had sent the unit back because of this problem, and then, it was sent to me because the exterior box was a bit worn.I put this machine together used it once and put it away for 6 months I took it out to use and it makes the most awful noise after a couple of uses.I guess this is the smallest of the standard sizes? but I’m pretty average build and it’s REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE to run on because I have to keep my strides narrow.5 stars.So I’m out 200.I was looking for something reasonably priced that I could briskly walk on .I’m 5’7 and and the stride is not long enough, the belt keeps sliding to the side and gets caught underneath the hood at the front and makes a loud screechy noise.Some things to keep in mind:Please keep in mind this is NOT a top of the line treadmill with a cushioned /shock absorbing tread area.Due to my joint issues I only needed one for walking.Small for anyone taller than 5’4, is really loud , and I felt unsafe on it.Running on it is pretty hard but I guess I can commit to an hour long walk instead of a 30 minute run on days it’s too cold to run outside .This one had a great price point and was small enough for my space.It’s natural incline is higher than regular treadmills, but I place a thick and sturdy book under the bottom to even it out.Im 5′ 7" and 125 lbs.When you buy a cheap treadmill like this one, you get what you pay for.The first stage was raising my desk to standing height, and getting used to being on my feet.My main source of exercise is walking/jogging outside.

nxzrHF says:

S.Why anyone would want a behemoth sized one is beyond me! I can fold this up and put it in a closet myself.The deck started squeaking and flexing like crazy, making the treadmill unusable.A few things to note:*Make sure to lubricate the belt THOROUGHLYAmazon recommends buying an additional bottle of 100% silicone lube with this purchase, do it.It says the weight limit is 250 lbs and I hover around 175.Surprisingly, the treadmills on Craigslist were at least $300, in various states of disrepair and none looked like they could be easily converted.Since hurting my knees I have good days and bad days.It is LOUD – this may only be an issue for those who need to be on conference calls as I do.10 minute set up and very quiet.It was easy to set up and put together with just your hands, a screwdriver, and some elbow grease, everything screws in.I wanted something motorized because I have an orthopedic disability and wasn’t sure I could maintain a decent rhythm a manual treadmill.Then had to figure out what to do with the small container of mystery fluid.Also, it is the smallest treadmill I have ever seen.I’m really happy with the price and the ease of walking at my desk while I work.Originally it was slipping but after using it for 5 miles it’s much smoother for some reason.Then after a few days of using it it was making a noise from the belt when I used it that made it distracting to use while watching TV.It’s well built and is exactly what I needed to just do a little walking and get some exercise It was well packaged and needed just a few minutes to put it together.One buyer showed how she had solved the balance handle issue, I have tried adding the "tee bar" .Search around and you will find instructions for modifying the machine for this purpose.

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