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Best Choice Products Portable Fitness Treadmill Black/Silver Reviews

Best Choice Products Portable Fitness Treadmill Black/Silver Specs and Review

QUALITY EXERCISE: A slightly inclined treadmill belt provides an opportunity for you to get the best workout possible; change speeds to really feel the burn! MANUAL OPERATION: Self-powered workout essential is made with a flywheel for smooth exercise and is also cost-efficient, using no motor for operation FOLDABLE WITH WHEELS: Portable design includes built-in wheels for easy moving, plus the ability to be folded down in seconds for easy storage; cord free so you can exercise anywhere DIGITAL DISPLAY: Keep track of time, distance, speed, and calories burned on an LCD screen placed in the center of the handle bars HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with durable metal to remain sturdy as you strive to reach your fitness goals; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 44″(L)x 22.5″(W)x 45″(H); Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

3 thoughts on “Best Choice Products Portable Fitness Treadmill Black/Silver Reviews

SCUvH says:

And for under $100 I figured if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t go broke either, even if it turned into a clothes rack like many others do.The only things would be that I have to hold on to it while walking or running, and the belt needs to be readjusted after some time.Still, I figured I can live with that.Happy with this purchase Wonderful product I weight 250 and use this every day as a women I did the install myself that how easy it is to set up.I bought this treadmill, of course, because of the low price tag.Waste of money.Because it is manual, be prepared to step heavy and hard to make it work.Machine stops suddenly when trying to use.My 8-year-old granddaughter "played" on it one day and loved it so much that I bought a 2nd one for her , and that was over a month ago and she STILL loves it! Seriously, if you’re looking for a no-frill, small, compact treadmill, THIS IS IT! Sturdy, great for small rooms.After looking up videos on youtube , it seems like a good product.It folds up fairly tightly where room can be at a premium.I put a couple book underneath the end of it and that did the trick.! My wife are very happy .I put two blocks of wood under the back legs to make the incline less stressful but it is a simple machine and it gets the work done[review3] It took me 2 months for someone to put together to use.Cons: The incline is a little too steep and you can’t adjust it.Cons… we cant use it.This thing is so bad that it couldn’t be properly assembled.

iGudk says:

Finally someone did.Its super slick.Not for home.After the first few minutes, it is easy to use and sturdy enough for daily use.Downside is not a downside; no motor so you have to be WILLING to WORK.Instructions for assembly VERY poorly written.Can’t adjust incline.SUPER slippery tread. It is ok for the price but would prefer the incline wasn’t quite as steep or was able to be adjusted.Would not even give it 1 star I wish I could choose the incline rather than not being able to choose, but otherwise great! to flimsy. Perfect for a 30 min.You will burn more fat and sweat more.

xakkDI says:

You can’t control your pace when it’s that sharp because it continues to speed up.For those of us w little in the way of assembly skills start here, the rest can go to the next section 😉 :1) on the base connection, be sure to check the uprights w the base and line up the squares and the circles and evidently the flat side of the nut should always go against the item being screwed in place – I’m sure my dad told me that a thousand times but I didn’t pay attention because he was always the one putting the thing together 2) there are three places the electronic wiring connect – two were clear but one end of the top-U had receded into the U and I had to dig around for it – of course I had already screwed everything together3) for the belt – when the instructions say a) don’t be on the belt when realigning it and b) turn the tension screw a quarter turn, smile at the translator then walk on the belt and lean while walking to push the belt in the proper center and then turn the tension screw several full rotations, then walk and see what happens and repeat as neededFor everyone else1) don’t use the silicone spray without walking first – I didn’t, thank heavens, and still nearly pitched off the back end2) the angle is steeper than it sounds but once you get rolling it’s fine3) do yourself a favor and pull the black grips off the handle bars , they slide off very easily – usually when you least want it to happen4) the belt is narrow but I haven’t found that to be a problem – I am a medium sized female tho so maybe that’s why it’s fine for me Perfect for my needs.Can now exercise rain or shine. the reviews are true.This model was easy enough to assemble the verticals and handrail.entry-content –><!– . I’ve had the treadmill for about two months, have been using daily for about one, and would buy another should the need/want arise.

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